Agency Wide Intranet Presentation

IBM had a challenge. There wasn't a lot of clarity in regards to their services. In some regards, People think the same thing about Ogilvy. There is a lack of quality of what Ogilvy does on the IBM business. Ogilvy does their big beautiful advertising for the Grammy’s and the NFL Playoffs, But then they also do smaller and simpler forms or marketing equivalence on the web for smaller business within IBM. Ogilvy does the big stuff, the small stuff and everything in between.
Ogilvy and the IBM team needed a document when onboarding new team members or a new company that tells a story about IBM’s own landscape in the marketing space and Ogilvy’s footprint and capabilities globally, distilled down with the view towards what Ogilvy does with IBM.
The document would live in a repository on the intranet as a Powerpoint, Keynote or PDF, but it would also serve as a showcase to kick off an engagement to showcase what Ogilvy can do, on behalf of IBMs business offerings and new acquisitions.
New companies would leave with a full understanding that they were able to partner with them and solve their marketing problems regardless of how big or small they are. The document would live as reference on the intranet but will be more intended to live in the moment, in a presentation to seal the deals.
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